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When people write an Evolution theory they are compared with Darwin, when people write a Gravitation theory they are compared with Einstein, when people write Transdisciplinarity equations they are compared with the wisest people.

That is why I discovered a new Evolution theory, I discovered a new Gravitation theory and I wrote couple Transdisciplinarity equations.

Ferent gravitational force function


Faster than the Speed of Light!


Ferent quantum theory which breaks the wall of Planck scale


Ferent Transdisciplinarity Equations


The Mind and the Thought equation

The Mind and the Thought equation

Who am I?


"I am the first in the world who wrote a link between spirituality and science“ 
                                                                                                   Adrian Ferent

The most important question: Who am I?
I found the answer:
"I am a Wave and the wave function is:
|ψ> = c1 |Φ1> + c2|Φ2> + c3|Φ3> + c4|Φ4> + c5|Φ5> + c6|Φ6> + c7|Φ7>
are 7 states |Φi > because are 7 major chakras or energy centers.“    
                                                                                             Adrian Ferent

My Evolution theory:

You can read more about my wave functions in my book: 
Who am I?

The wave function of each man is unique and he can always be found by it.

My theory is about chakras and can be extended to the acupuncture points.
"I am a Wave and the wave function is:
|ψ> = c1|Φ1> + c2|Φ2> + c3|Φ3>+ ... + c(n-1)|Φ(n-1)> + cn|Φn>
are n states |Φi > because are n acupuncture points or energy centers“
                                                                                      Adrian Ferent

“The Ego is the missing consciousness”  Adrian Ferent


“Who am I? I am the consciousness”  Adrian Ferent

Yoga and my Equations

The most important question: Who am I?  


My consciousness equation
My consciousness equation



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